A clear picture of global change

How our Earth Intelligence capabilities meet customer needs today and will advance with WorldView Legion

Critical clarity

How much does the world change in a month? In a year? In half a decade? If your view of the world is static or in low resolution, you could be missing critical information that affects your business or your mission.

Since 2014, Maxar has been building an archive of 30 cm class imagery, which provides a foundation for precision mapping, accurate 3D models and the reliable ground truth needed for confident decision-making.

Maxar has been building an archive of 30 cm class imagery since 2014

Global change in high resolution

Today, Maxar has 1.5 billion sq km of 30 cm class imagery collected—roughly 26 times Earth’s landmass. And 5,000 metro areas are covered in clear 30 cm class imagery, showing change over time in the globe’s most dynamic places.

Other providers have just started collecting at this level of detail. With the launch of WorldView Legion, Maxar will triple our capacity to collect 30 cm class imagery.

Thirteen 30 cm class images show change in high resolution across an area of Phoenix, Arizona.

Why resolution matters

Better input for a reliable output

The high-resolution, highly accurate Maxar archive provides continuity in data-rich pixels for advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). The higher the resolution, the more information the algorithm has to work with. At 30 cm class resolution, you can distinguish types of vehicles, read road markings and even identify tail numbers on aircraft. With 30 cm class imagery captured over time, you can see these features from different look angles and understand how they have changed over days, months and years. Quickly identify trends, locate anomalies and even predict developments as estimates change.

See how the algorithm’s estimates on the number of cars improve as resolution increases.

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Extracting more insight per pixel

A 30 cm class foundation fuels Maxar 15 cm high-definition (HD) imagery, the only satellite-derived offering that allows you to identify smaller features on the ground and ensures algorithms extract more reliable, meaningful information. HD imagery yields five times the error reduction in crowdsourced object detection and a 60% average improvement in precision in AI model training, giving you greater confidence in what the imagery and the associated algorithms are telling you about what’s happening on the ground.

See the detail 15 cm HD, derived from native 30 cm class imagery.

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Advanced 3D modeling

Today, Maxar high-resolution 3D data covers nearly 100 times more of the globe than the lower-resolution digital surface or terrain models offered by other providers. Leveraging our Earth imaging constellation and our patented 3D technology, Maxar produces a geospecific 3D foundational layer with 50 cm resolution and an absolute accuracy of 3 m SE90, at global scale.

This unparalleled Globe in 3D is the highest resolution, most accurate representation of the face of the Earth, giving you the ability to visualize, analyze, plan and act with confidence, in fully immersive 3D.

Maxar’s #TiltTheMap episode from March 2021 explores the Giza pyramid complex in Egypt in breathtaking detail via our 3D model based on our commercial satellite imagery.

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Imaging at the speed of change throughout the day

In dynamic areas, seeing an area once or twice a day is not enough—especially when those areas are remote or when situations are volatile. WorldView Legion will capture an area multiple times a day from sunup to sundown in 30 cm class resolution, enabling near real-time change detection and situational awareness for missions that require timely, reliable information.

See how the WorldView Legion satellites add to the existing Maxar constellation, allowing Maxar to cover some areas of the globe up to 15 times a day.


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Introducing WorldView Legion

WorldView Legion represents the next era in Earth Intelligence.

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