Reenvisioning Foundational GEOINT

Transforming deep mission knowledge into advanced defense and intelligence solutions

Integrated capabilities for enduring mission success

Confronted with pressing national security challenges, unmanageable data, and tight timelines; defense and intelligence organizations need a partner to adapt to their evolving GEOINT challenges.

Maxar doesn't just provide rich geospatial data or innovative analytics, we deeply understand your unique missions and specific requirements, then build and deliver Earth intelligence solutions that simplify access to critical information on your areas of interest—empowering you to answer complex questions and make more informed decisions.

As One Maxar

Maxar offers capabilities and expertise in Earth imagery, machine learning and analytics, satellites and spacecraft systems, and robotics to help government and commercial customers understand our changing planet and address their most complex mission-critical challenges with confidence.

Better together

Maxar is the combined operations of DigitalGlobe, SSL, and Radiant Solutions. MDA remains an independent business within the Maxar organization. Together, we address global challenges across a myriad of commercial, non-profit, and governmental use cases with reliable solutions and disruptive innovations within each phase of the geospatial intelligence cycle.

Earth Intelligence

Integrated geospatial data, analysis, and machine learning solutions. Our satellite constellation produces both electro-optical and radar imagery to power derived data products which compliment the multisource data collection, enrichment, production and advanced analytics engine that we've developed with machine learning as a trusted GEOINT provider to the U.S. Government.

Space Solutions

Best-in-class satellite and spacecraft manufacturing and mangement.We design and deploy spacecraft with advanced capabilities including next-generation propulsion, best-in-class satellite build and management, space robotics, on-orbit servicing, and protection of space assets through cybersecurity and monitoring of space systems. We are building our Legion constellation of LEO satellites for increased persistence and resiliency in our Earth Intelligence solutions.

Accelerate time-to-action with integrated GEOINT capabilities

Living Maps

Drastically reduce the time to decision when working in areas with limited mapping data. By combining change detection and feature extraction machine learning models with collaborative mapping, we can quickly identify and enrich areas where maps are deficient; generating highly accurate maps in a fraction of the time.

Human and Machine Teaming

Focus your analysis on the right areas more quickly with advanced GEOINT solutions that provide enriched data and context. We're enabling critical and scalable insights for customers through the integration of our mulitsource data, change detection and object detection capabilities powered by AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies, and a verified crowd.

Access on your terms

Acquire and ingest critical GEOINT seamlessly into your workflow with flexible access options and reliable delivery. We offer an array of proven geospatial data sources—including our highest resolution imagery satellites—with multiple modes of delivery, including direct downlink, online access, and on-demand disconnected downlink.


A holistic approach to situational awareness

Rapidly identify vulnerabilities and perform mobility analysis with a clear view of your scenario. We collate, distill, enrich, and visualize geospatial data into actionable maps for more informed mission and operational planning.

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