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Leadership through innovation

As the leading provider of high-resolution satellite imagery, Maxar develops and delivers the highest quality products as the indispensable source of Earth Intelligence. Maxar was the first commercial 30 cm satellite imagery provider and is the first to provide 15 cm HD imagery.

Using Maxar’s proprietary HD technology, HD imagery enables faster and more accurate data extraction from images collected by our satellite constellation, improving the clarity needed for advanced machine learning and analytics at global scale. Confidently make critical decisions and take decisive action by more easily identifying features and interpreting imagery.

Sharpening competitive edges

Enhance your derived products or analysis at scale with unprecedented clarity.


Detect, distinguish and extract street furniture and road signage at scale with machine learning algorithms.

Civil government

Tackle sustainability challenges over the urban landscape; gain clarity on ADA compliance, zoning compliance tenure mapping, flood mapping, project planning and emergency management.

Defense and intelligence

Enhance clarity and extract greater details about objects of interest, such as vehicle types and other equipment for increased situational awareness.


Confirm ground conditions, like encroachment, at scale across transmission lines, fracking and well sites and pipelines with a more cost-effective solution.

15 CM HD Satellite Imagery

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