Maxar Spatial Challenge: Urban and Regional Space 

Registration is Now Closed.

The Maxar Spatial Challenge is jointly organized by Maxar, Arlula and Consilium Technology, aimed at 

  •     Promoting the value of space derived intelligence in addressing key challenges identified by stakeholders within Australia.
  •     Identifying and supporting key innovators within Australia that can leverage space intelligence and address key challenges
  •     Develop sustainable solutions that can be scaled and applied on a regional or national level

Participants will receive free training and access to Maxar platforms, tools and satellite imagery.

Here’s what to expect:

Phase 1: Select your challenge

Suggested Challenges  


If you have your own challenge, please enclose the details of your proposed challenge in your application form in the link below. 

Any individual(s) and/or organization(s) are eligible to apply for the challenges. Group size is limited to max 6 members per group.

Register by August 24th, 2020 (Closed)
Fill out the form below to submit your application and assigned your selected challenge details.
The deadline for registration is 12:00 pm EST, August 24th, 2020. All selected submission will be notified by email.

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Access to tools and data
Maxar anticipate all participating teams will be using their preferred GIS platform for this challenge, however Maxar will provide access to the following product platforms:


  • A-Wave platform - an Earth Intelligence alert system for near real time multisource monitoring of the physical world.
  • GBDX Notebooks - Developers with an understanding of Python can take advantage of this platform allowing for algorithmic analysis of 30cm data. 


  • HD imagery - Maxar’s 30cm native resolution imagery processed in a manner to improve the visual clarity of the imagery to give it a 15cm processed resolution. 
  • Participants can use other sources of data to assist in their challenge so long as they have the necessary permission.

Phase 2: Mentorship and training  Updated!

All registered participants will receive an email one-week before training sessions begin. Be sure to review the schedule in the email, as these sessions will show you how to leverage available Maxar products and resources for your specific challenge.

Training will commence on 8th September, Tuesday. For more details, please check the updated training schedule below.

    Training Schedule

Training Materials [ Please download before attending the training sessions.]
8th September, Tuesday

9th September (AM), Wednesday
15cm HD
Discover Tools
API Creation
API Tutorial
9th September (PM), Wednesday

Phase 3: Collaborate and develop solutions Updated!

After training & the provision of the data, you can commence work on your analysis and final submission of your challenge. On-going support will be provided through dedicated slack channels and email and we will be conducting a review assessment with all participants half-way through the challenge. 

Download Final Report Template

All registered participants will have approximately six weeks to submit their work. Final deadline for submissions is 11:59pm EST, November 9th, 2020.

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