Remote Asset Monitoring

Advanced ground-truth capabilities for compliance, security, and more.

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Keep an eye in the sky

Your reach is expanding, operations evolving. Cloud-based access and scalable data extraction from high-resolution satellite imagery via machine learning has made fast, accurate remote asset monitoring and visual inspection possible (and more affordable).

Mitigating risks remotely is a challenge, regardless of industry. Our native high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced machine learning platform enables you to more efficiently:

• Detect encroachment
• Confirm regulatory compliance
• Prove health & safety conformance
• Verify accessibility
• Monitor facilities
• Assess state of maintenance
• Improve operational & logistical planning
• Determine post-natural disaster status
• Quickly obtain verification of presence
• Identify habitat changes and deforestation

“By targeting mitigation and remediation efforts toward only the affected areas, DigitalGlobe’s pipeline monitoring capability saves me money and reduces future risk.”

— DigitalGlobe Oil & Gas Industry Customer

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