Satellite Data’s Role in Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Maxar is a proud UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) partner, providing organizations with critical geospatial data and tools.

The Road to Global Sustainability

As set forth by the United Nations and adopted by nearly 200 countries, the SDGs prioritize key challenges we must address in order to build the foundation for a more sustainable future. The agenda encompasses everything from poverty and gender inequality to climate action and clean energy.

Building geospatial context

Each SDG requires unique strategies in different regions. Understanding how the built and natural environments impact the various components of each SDG drives greater efficacy. DigitalGlobe delivers up-to-date and high-resolution maps, geospatial data extraction, historical imagery for change-over-time analysis, and more.

Solutioning for 17 goals

Dive into the challenges of each SDG and how our partners are engineering collaborative solutions using valuable geospatial data and insight.

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How AI and geospatial data mapped 18,588,871 buildings across 945,087 sq km with >90% accuracy.

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See why only high-resolution satellite imagery could deliver the evidence needed to catch slave fisheries.

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Following natural disasters, DigitalGlobe publicly releases data of the affected areas to support disaster response as it becomes available.

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