SecureWatch™ Tutorial Series

Unlock the value of your SecureWatch subscription with our introduction and tutorial videos.

Intro to SecureWatch

Learn the basics of accessing the complete Maxar satellite image library and daily take of new collections in SecureWatch.


Learn to navigate to your global areas of interest using search, pan, and zoom functions.

Bookmarks and Alerts

Learn to bookmark your frequently visited locations and receive email alerts when new images become available.

Online Carousel

Learn to control the stacking of multiple images available for the same location.


Learn to access historic imagery for a location and compare past / present images.

Rotate an Image

Learn to rotate North-up image strips to any azimuth including collection perspective.

Annotations and Measurements

Learn to create report-ready graphics using SecureWatch’s robust set of annotation and measurement tools.

Downloading Online Images

Learn to download pre-processed images for storage and use offline using snapshot and full-strip functions.

Access of Archive

Learn to order any image from the Maxar library at any production level.

Ordering and Displaying

Learn to order and display 8-band VNIR and 8-band SWIR images collected by WorldView-2 and WorldView-3.

Streaming to Other Software

Learn to stream SecureWatch’s online imagery to other applications using plug-ins and OGC compliant formats.

Ordering New Collection

Learn to place orders for new imagery collections with the Maxar constellation.