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October Spotlight

Volume 25: Energy exploration and escalating disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean's natural gas discoveries and growing economic potential set the stage for intensifying disputes over exploration rights and exclusive economic zones. With continuing rivalries, long-term issues at sea and ashore remain unresolved. See how Maxar experts used monitoring services and imagery analysis to follow geopolitical tensions and military posturing in the region.

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Past Spotlights

Vol. 24 | September 2020

Gang violence in Guatemala City

Vol. 23 | July 2020

Minimizing the impact of desert locust swarms in East Africa

Vol. 22 | May 2020

Identifying vulnerable urban areas in Algiers through remote sensing

Vol. 21 | March 2020

A new coronavirus epicenter: misinformation and negligence in Iran

Vol. 20 | February 2020

Using space-based intelligence to understand and respond to Australian bushfires

Vol. 19 | January 2020

Methamphetamine in Afghanistan: New Methods Bolster an Already Booming Drug Economy

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