Supercharging the globe in 3D Webinar

Presented by Isaac Zaworski and Ryan Hamilton

Join us for an hour of immersive 3D

Maxar has long been a leading provider of information about our changing planet in 2D with satellite imagery, but our world is three-dimensional. With the addition of Vricon’s unique 3D capabilities, we are unlocking a new dimension in Earth Intelligence for our customers.

Moving forward together, the future of high-performance 3D is limitless. By bringing together Maxar’s high-resolution satellites and 110-petabyte imagery archive with Vricon’s 3D engine, we can offer faster, scalable production with global availability.

Join Isaac Zaworski and Ryan Hamilton as they share the impact of this combination on current and future 3D offerings available only from Maxar. Learn how we will:

  • Provide an accurate foundational layer for all geospatial data
  • Fast-track the globe in 3D with WorldView Legion
  • Elevate our 3D products, with superior resolution and accuracy 

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