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Many countries go years without conducting a nationwide census or updating land use/land cover (LULC) records. This lack of basic demographic data affects economic growth, public health systems, crisis response and more.

Mapping Tanzania with AI

In just three weeks, DigitalGlobe, in partnership with, mapped 18,588,871 buildings across 945,087 sq km with >90% accuracy - dramatically reducing the time, cost, and risk of traditional methods.

A collaborative effort led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aims to map all of Sub-Saharan Africa to accelerate sustainable development and support the next generation of African geographers. With the world’s most sophisticated satellite constellation and geospatial technology, DigitalGlobe is a key partner to this effort and uniquely positioned to rapidly produce geospatial data layers at scale.


Precision at Scale: why resolution matters

Like all analytics, your output is only as good as your input. To improve the accuracy of automated building footprint extraction, the team needed higher-resolution imagery; this enables an algorithm to detect and distinguish every building.

Here you can see the level of detail DigitalGlobe’s 30 and 50 cm satellite imagery was able to provide, allowing for greater than 90% accurate interpretation across the entire nation.

Compare previous open-source project data (left) to Ecopia Building Footprints Powered by DigitalGlobe (right).

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Moving at the speed of life

What can happen in a decade, or even a year? Rapid urbanization, migration, conflict, disasters, disease outbreaks. Together, our efforts have empowered Tanzania to better understand, prepare for, and respond to any change or need at a national and local level.

With accessible, up-to-date data, the Tanzania government, business, and educational institutions can produce work that is consistent and more impactful, including critical services such as:

Population mapping - monitor poverty and/or economic growth

Health surveillance systems - deliver vaccines, send mobile clinics, and more

Disaster management - evaluate risks, prepare response plans

National datasets - ensure consistency across sectors

Property/Land Use records - improve zoning and tax management

Insurance rates/adjustments - better serve customer needs

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