Advanced Analytics for Pipeline Operations

Detect changes and mitigate risks with advanced machine learning

Skip straight to analysis

Accelerate your workflow with improved accuracy by leveraging advanced machine learning and high-resolution satellite imagery—with guaranteed refresh. Analyze raster data (such as aerial and satellite imagery), geodata (such as structures and vegetation), and vector data (such as roads and borders) at scale and on demand.

Are compliance costs impacting profitability?

Aerial collect is incredibly expensive, and outdated or low-res satellite imagery can put people and operations in jeopardy. By employing the speed plus intelligence of machine learning and high-resolution satellite imagery, you can reduce risks and the costs of compliance. When auditors come knocking, feel confident in your decisions and data.

• Identify all structures within buffer zone
• Automate analytics and alert compliance managers of changes
• Categorize each segment of pipeline depending on its proximity to population
• Assess the risk of impact on that population in case of leak or explosion