HD mapping for autonomy and OEM data privacy

The foundation for autonomous safety, efficiency and reliability begins with data derived from high-resolution satellite imagery.

Building high definition maps using satellite imagery

By deploying specialized post processing on our high-resolution satellite imagery, we enhance the clarity of road features and furniture enabling advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to detect and extract relevant features for high definition maps. Using satellite imagery allows for frequent updates, keeping maps current and passengers safe.

Toggle the layers in the map on and off to view reliable information on lanes, road markings, features, road furniture and more.

  • Solutions for Automotive

    Critical data for high-definition mapping programs

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  • Navigating Beyond the Horizon

    Get a glimpse of the visionary work between Toyota, NTT Data and Maxar as we take on automated HD mapping together.

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TU- Automotive Detroit, Critical Insights e-Book

While TU-Automotive Detroit 2019 saw the main topics of mobility, connectivity, cybersecurity and autonomous technologies discussed in depth, the main takeaway this year is a tangible shift towards the near and medium-term realities for businesses involved in these four distinct areas. Download the e-Book to review key topics and themes discussed at TU-Automotive Detroit.

The road to autonomy is paved with geospatial data

Maps are a foundational component in vehicle navigation. Take a look at how satellite imagery fits in at every level of autonomy and how geospatial technology is key to moving us from level 3 to level 5, full autonomy.

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