Safety first, autonomy second

Build the HD foundation you need to lead the future of autonomous driving

Safety demands comprehensive clarity

Before autonomous vehicles can become a mainstream mode of transportation, we need to build a foundation for safer navigation systems and smarter vehicles that help guide drivers today and train AI for tomorrow. It starts with HD mapping and precision geospatial data.

On average, 3,287 traffic fatalities occur each day worldwide.

What if it were zero?

Seeing beyond the horizon

Currently, vehicle sensors have a horizon that limits how far and what they can detect. This is where our future of autonomous vehicles starts: we need to expand the horizon. The most efficient way to do so is to provide an accurate basemap.

A basemap is a living map that can be updated frequently and, when derived from Maxar’s high-resolution imagery, can supplement what sensors detect with greater detail of what lies beyond its horizon. In other words, it’s a high-definition basemap.

Quantify the world today to detect change tomorrow

By leveraging advanced sources such as 30cm high-resolution imagery, 3D models, terrain data layers, or building footprint and road feature data, you can build a system that guides human drivers today and also trains AI how to use this information for autonomous driving.

Toggle the layers in the map on and off to see the data that contributes to a high-definition basemap.