Modernizing your census maps

Because a lot can happen in 10 years

Quantify change at scale

Traditional methods of household enumeration, manual mapping and offline data gathering often result in outdated or incomplete data, which can affect economic growth, public health systems, crisis response and more. But modern GIS using satellite imagery and machine learning can help governments quickly (and cost-effectively) prioritize areas of change, compare large areas over time and rapidly extract country-wide structures.­ ­

With accessible, up-to-date data, census programs can produce outputs that are consistent and more impactful, to support critical services such as:

  • Population mapping

    Monitor poverty and economic growth

  • Disaster management

    Evaluate risks, prepare response plans

  • Property/land use records

    Improving zoning and tax management

  • Health surveillance systems

    Deliver vaccines, send mobile clinics and more

  • National datasets

    Ensure consistency across sectors

  • Insurance/adjustments

    Better serve customer needs

Keep up with urban change

Detect change at scale (as seen in red) with advanced geospatial analytics to quickly focus analysis on the most important areas.

Locate and understand population dynamics

Identify and access shifting population densities (as seen in red) remotely to more effectively allocate and deliver resources.

Find the right tools for your organization

Leveraging the speed, scalability, accuracy and regular updates of Maxar advanced geospatial technology can help reduce resources while keeping up with dynamic changes.

Current satellite imagery basemaps

We provide accurate, consistent, actionable imagery basemaps to support mapping, visualization and analytics at a local, regional and country-wide scale.

Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM)

PCM detects and isolates change indicators to hone in on activities of interest, such as population changes and growth. PCM provides over 30 years of persistent change for insight on historical patterns of development as well as current changes in infrastructure.

Together, we can accomplish more

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