Next-Gen Census Solutions

Enhance the value of your census program to inform and support more initiatives across the country.

“In general, countries need to approach the use of technology for mapping as a continuous process... Use and application of geospatial technologies and geographic databases are very beneficial to improving the overall quality of census activities at all stages of the census.”
United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Modernize your approach. See beyond traditional time- and resource-intensive methods to process household enumeration, manual mapping, and offline data aggregation.

Advanced geospatial technology made simple

A lot can happen in 10 years but a national census is critical for a multitude of reasons from economic development to health programs. Leveraging the speed, scalability, accuracy, and regular updates of advanced geospatial technology can help you reduce resources while elevating output and staying informed about important changes.

Building Footprints

Modernize your census program with foundational datasets that provide comprehensive geospatial data at countrywide scale, plus enable simplified management and distribution of up-to-date information.

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Current Imagery

Choose from cloud-based subscription access, annual Mosaics, and satellite tasking to equip your team with the information they need when and how they need it.

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Change monitoring

Rapid urbanization, environmental shifts, natural disasters, among other events, all impact the surrounding communities and economies. Today's satellite technology enables you to detect and understand change at a country scale faster and more accurately than ever before.

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How can you leverage geospatial technology to improve your census?

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