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In our constantly changing world, maintaining up-to-date maps is a challenge. Users rely on maps to reflect current, real-world conditions. For some applications, like first responders and emergency services, the need for safe routes and precise location information leaves little room for error. In shipping and delivery time is money -- accurate maps allow distributors to identify the optimal route for every package. Consumer applications too increasingly use detailed maps such as those that enable precise pick-ups and drop-offs in ridesharing.

Clarity, accuracy, and currency are critical components of safe and efficient maps.

Stunning visual clarity that reflects the current environment

With the explosion of new technology, providing a superior customer experience is more important than ever. Travel, navigation, ridesharing, and deliveries all depend on access to the latest maps. This accuracy matters for a growing number of applications that employ location search features. Consumers expect a visually consistent imagery basemap that accurately shows the world the way they see it.

Create maps with a current, real-life contextual layer across Earth’s surface, allowing users to toggle between digitally derived navigation map views and Maxar’s high-resolution satellite imagery.

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Accurate foundation to extract map features at scale

Digitizing roads, buildings, vegetation and land cover and other infrastructure is necessary for maps to be actionable. Whether you are manually extracting features or leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, you need highly accurate, detailed and consistent foundational data at any scale.

Deploy and scale workflows to complete unmapped or outdated areas at global, country, or local levels at human-scale resolution.

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Currency for validating mapping updates

Knowing where change has occurred is key to planning map updates. But whether you identify areas of concern via automated change detection or from information on the ground, knowing exactly what changed is needed. Maxar’s more than 125 petabytes of satellite imagery, including more than 3 million sq km of imagery captured daily, gives you the power to understand and validate change, extract new features and update your maps.

Monitor progress of highly evolving areas at local and global scale, and access new satellite imagery on-demand to verify, update and expand your maps.

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Vivid Basemaps

With unmatched global accuracy, stunning visual clarity, annual refresh and flexible access options, Vivid imagery basemaps provide a reliable foundation for mapping applications—locally or crossing the globe.


On-demand access to the world’s most recent high-accuracy, high-resolution satellite imagery and geospatially derived analytics.

Persistent Change Monitoring

Locate, map and monitor change over broad areas to rapidly prioritize resources and other data collections, based on where changes have occurred.


Map, measure and analyze your projects in 3D for a more complete picture of the situations that matter to your organization with our suite of Precision3D products.

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