Bringing conservation to scale with satellite imagery

Supporting community-driven conservation programs with the Jane Goodall Institute

A collaborative approach

In Tanzania, chimpanzees are threatened by habitat loss because of human activities like conversion of forests to agriculture and settlements. With the power of satellite imagery and data, the Jane Goodall Institute is able to bring together human livelihoods and wildlife conservation efforts using its holistic community-centered approach, Tacare.

Building a sustainable community

Earth observation data provides a detailed, consistent view of habitats, where and how people use their land, and reveals change over time to aid in conservation decisions. With this type of data, the Jane Goodall Institute field staff listen to and empower local decision-makers to map their lands and natural resources. This allows them to own and derive sustainable development, land-use and conservation efforts in their area.

Maxar partnered with Ecopia to map Bitale Village and the surrounding area. Click the boxes in the map legend to toggle Ecopia Building Footprints, Building Density and the Maxar Satellite Imagery Baemap on or off. Click on the gold circles to view ground photos of Bitale Village.

Working together for a sustainable future

Satellite imagery and derived information layers provide a consistent view of the entire globe, allowing organizations like the Jane Goodall Institute to address conservation on an even larger scale. Maxar offers global coverage at the highest level of detail, providing insights that are actionable on the ground—enabling local sustainable practices for long-term effects on wildlife, communities and livelihoods.

The Jane Goodall Institute exemplifies the opportunity to use geospatial technology to further progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and their work goes beyond just using satellite imagery pixels to protect chimpanzee habitats.

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Find the right tools for your organization

Leveraging the speed, scalability, accuracy and regular updates of Maxar advanced geospatial technology can help reduce resources while keeping up with dynamic changes.


Gain on-demand access to the entire Maxar satellite image library and geospatial data anytime, anywhere.

Current satellite imagery basemaps

We provide accurate, consistent, actionable imagery basemaps to support mapping, visualization and analytics at a local, regional and country-wide scale.

Digital surface models

The highest quality digital surface models (DSMs) are available off-the-shelf or custom-built. With global coverage and options for accuracy and resolution, models are GIS-ready, so you can focus on analysis, not processing.

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