Precise 3D maps for safe and reliable UAV navigation

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We are transitioning to a world in which computers use digital maps as a lifelike representation of the physical world. These “digital twins” form the foundation for real-life simulations and virtual reality environments. With the increased adoption of digital twins for diverse applications such as autonomous navigation, precision is quickly becoming a critical component.

UAVs need more than just real-time sensors to know where they are, where they are going and, most importantly, what’s in their way. Accurate 3D maps are paramount to guarantee a safe and reliable journey whether you are transporting cargo, or people in a not-so-distant future, across town or across regions. Maxar’s highly precise 3D data enables UAV operators to plan safe routes, predict radio connectivity and estimate GPS signal strength for optimized positional awareness in flight.

3D maps for the most demanding applications

  • Flight safety

    Plan and simulate UAV flight paths to gain insight on terrain and surroundings

  • 5G/Radio coverage

    Calculate signal propagation and determine line of sight for network optimization

  • GPS/Signal assurance

    Accurately forecast GPS signal performance in urban and rural areas

Beyond Visual Line of Sight Drones & Urban Level 3+ Automotive

Learn how Spirent leverages Maxar’s Precision3D maps to efficiently plan and determine where and when signal will be reliable. This new solution advances new applications in aviation and automotive industries with predictable and precise GNSS—even in degraded areas.


All Maxar Precision3D data products are built from the highest quality commercial satellite imagery using the same industry-leading automated 3D production process. This results in accurate, globally consistent datasets with multiple information layers perfectly aligned to save you time and resources.

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Discover the difference the highest-quality elevation models and 3D data can make for your project.