GEOINT processing at the edge

Compressing timelines for enhanced operational agility

Rapid intelligence to shorten operational timelines

Maintaining an advantage requires getting inside the adversary’s decision cycle⁠—staying informed of their activities and movements to rapidly detect, deter and engage threats.

Maxar’s low-latency GEOINT capabilities enable near real-time access to actionable information for enhanced precognition and dynamic targeting processes.

Connecting Earth and Space

With integrated capabilities across Earth and space, Maxar provides unparalleled situational awareness across the near-peer, multidomain battlespace.

Bringing Commercial Innovation to the Mission

Maxar owns and operates the most sophisticated Earth-imaging constellation on orbit. Our GEOINT expertise spans collection, access and delivery, advanced analytics, AI/ML and domain-specific tradecraft.

Persistent high-resolution ISR

Our next-generation WorldView Legion satellites introduce record revisit, resolution and agility to capture critical ISR data in near-real time and rapidly deliver analytics-ready data.

AI/ML augmentation

DeepCore, Maxar's automated object detection and recognition analytics pipeline, can be run on different data sources and sensors, enabling rapid processing at the edge.

3D data and software

Commercial, targeting-quality terrain data and georegistration software for immersive visualization and rapid, accurate and reliable georeferencing for your sensor data, anywhere on Earth.

Remote ground terminals

Expeditionary ground terminal capabilities to provide downlink and uplink capabilities in remote, disconnected environments, enhancing connectivity for a decision advantage.

Multidomain decision advantage

Future conflict zones will be denied by nature and favor the most agile.

  • On the ground

    Support remote tactical operations with disconnected access to newly ingested, actionable content, accurate 3D data and georegistration software that’s edge-enabled to support dynamic targeting for precision-guided munitions.

  • In the air

    Greater resiliency and lethality come with Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (APNT) in GPS-denied environments and the ability conduct automated target recognition, data fusion and georegistration on board across an array of sensors.

  • At sea

    Expand maritime security and monitoring by accelerating the data-to-decision process. Move beyond simply detecting activity to identifying and understanding it, with data fusion, automated analysis and integrated cross-sensor tipping and cueing capabilities.

  • In mapping and analysis

    Whether supporting disaster response, analyzing economic activity or developing autonomous navigation technology, having accurate foundation data and timely analysis is critical. Gain a decision advantage with the highest-quality data and advanced AI/ML workflows.

Automated Target Recognition

At Earth Intelligence 2020, hosted by Defense Strategies Institute, panelist from the JAIC, HQDA and USAF discussed how the Department of Defense must address gaps in AI readiness across policy, equipment, infrastructure and systems to deliver a decision advantage to U.S. forces.

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Authoritative synthetic environments

Contextualize the operating environment with accurate 3D modeling and immersive visualization for unparalleled training and mission rehearsal.

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WorldView Legion

Maxar’s expanded capacity and analysis-ready imagery will enable significantly more accurate, comprehensive and timely pattern-of-life and change-detection analysis.

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