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Innovation for businesses and customers

Grab is an innovative everything, everyday app serving nearly 400 cities across eight countries in Southeast Asia. Grab makes ride-hailing, package and grocery delivery, mobile payments and financial services more accessible to consumers and small, medium and enterprise businesses. Despite a rich driver-generated GPS, much of Southeast Asia is unmapped—creating inefficiencies and gaps for employees and customers.

Specific coverage at high resolution

An accurate digitized map is central to the app, enabling efficient and safe navigation anywhere Grab is needed. Grab drivers traverse nearly 320 million kilometers each week—that’s more than a round trip to the sun. And with the density and scale of Southeast Asia, Grab needed a mapping solution that could cover a lot of ground in detail, and quickly.

Grab developed artificial intelligence capabilities that could scale its large database, but it still needed a foundational source to verify, update and expand its map. Satellite imagery was a potential solution, but Grab needed specific coverage at a resolution high enough to work with its AI.

Access and efficiency for underserved communities

While Grab is known for being a ride-hailing service, it offers Southeast Asians much more. Businesses expand their reach with delivery and financial services. Mobile payments and financial services give millions of unbanked consumers and microentrepreneurs access to financial products that were once out of reach. Grab provides hotel- and entertainment-booking services, and even insurance. Grab powers local economies, and the more communities Grab can put on the map, the more opportunities it creates for underserved populations.

Using Maxar’s high-resolution satellite imagery, Grab can complete unmapped or outdated areas of large cities at a resolution at which its AI can detect buildings, roads and other infrastructure accurately to drive maximum value across the company. The ability to continuously update the map for accuracy has enabled better estimation of travel and delivery times and allocation efficiency to complete ride booking and deliveries.

Timely information for operations

Users can make proper updates their operations need by detecting, comparing and analyzing trends in key areas of interest with Maxar's daily imagery and extensive archive of more than 20 years of high-resolution satellite imagery.

Toggle between the dated imagery strips and the imagery basemap (Vivid Basic) to understand where change has occurred over Malaysia.

Find the right tools for your organization

Leveraging the speed, scalability, accuracy and regular updates of Maxar advanced geospatial technology can help reduce excess while keeping up with dynamic changes.


Gain on-demand access to the entire Maxar satellite imagery library plus derived geospatial data anytime, anywhere.

Imagery basemaps

Improving mapping, visualization and analytics at local, regional and countrywide scale with a professional-grade basemap.

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