Knowing how to choose the right foundational imagery basemap, the best way to incorporate it into your app or workflow and when to update it depends on what you’re ultimately trying to accomplish.

In these webinars, Vicki Bassett, product manager for mapping products, and the Maxar team walk through common visualization and mapping use cases, answer frequently asked questions and provide a sneak peek into exciting changes coming in 2021.

Imagery Basemaps That Reflect Reality

Does your basemap reflect reality, or is it “off”?

Maxar’s Vicki Bassett takes you behind the scenes to show you how imagery basemaps are made and why currency and consistency in clarity and accuracy are paramount when choosing an image layer that reflects reality.

Whether your primary use is viewing Earth to gain situational awareness, a layer for visual simulation or a foundation for advanced mapping, this webinar will help you determine:
  • How to choose the right basemap
  • The best access option for your use case
  • When to update your basemap to maintain reality

Precision Mapping for Meaningful Insights

Are you using AI/ML to extract features from an inaccurate basemap?

Not all imagery basemaps are created equal—and precision mapping demands basemaps with advanced qualities, such as textural and year-to-year locational consistency. Maxar’s Vicki Bassett shows you how starting with a more precise imagery basemap sets you up for more meaningful mapping insights.

Whether your primary use is building and maintaining robust maps for navigation, shipping logistics or implementing smart city infrastructure, this webinar will help you determine:
  • Where change is happening within your area of interest
  • How to choose the right basemap for large-scale precision mapping
  • How to create seamless, automated workflows for real-time maps


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