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Current maps for sustainable global mobility

Our world relies on maps updated at the speed of change. First responders and emergency services need safe routes and precise location information. In shipping and delivery, accurate maps allow distributors to identify optimal directions, visualize the end address and locate the actual front door or loading area. And consumer applications increasingly use detailed maps to enable services like precise pick-ups and drop-offs for ridesharing. Maxar provides the necessary clarity, accuracy and currency for safe and efficient maps.


Stunning, realistic basemaps for a better navigation experience

Navigation applications that reflect the real environment allow pedestrians and drivers to trust their maps and focus on their destination. Visually knowing where they are and where they are going provides greater situational awareness.

Maxar’s imagery basemaps provide a stunning, reliable foundation at global scale to support mapping, visualization and analytics.

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TomTom’s digital maps use Maxar satellite imagery to add a contextual layer. This visual reference, more like an aerial photo than a map, allows users to safely and efficiently move through their environments.

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Currency to identify change and validate map updates

Knowing where change has occurred is key to keeping maps up to date. Whether you identify areas of concern via automated change detection or from information on the ground, knowing exactly what changed is necessary.

With Maxar’s daily imagery collections, you can monitor progress of rapidly evolving areas at local and global scale, as well as access new satellite imagery on-demand to verify, update and expand your maps.


Using Maxar imagery, HERE’s Map Creator takes maps enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) and makes them even better with real-time, real-world feedback from local users and volunteers.

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Precision to detect and extract features for digitization

Autonomous vehicles use several on-board sensors to ensure safe driving and these sensors need to be cross-referenced with a high-definition (HD) map for the vehicle to know its exact location. HD maps are believed to cover less than 1% of the global road network, and urban areas and local roads need to be mapped in more detail before automated driving can become a mainstream mobility technology.

Maxar’s high-quality geospatial data provides reliable information on lanes, road markings, features, road furniture and more. You can build your own HD maps and autonomous technology with frequent updates, current imagery, change analysis, feature extraction and 3D data from Maxar.

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3D maps for energy efficiency

High-resolution elevation data enables precise calculation of energy consumption, resulting in routes that minimize fuel usage, reduce emissions and enhance overall transportation efficiency. Elevation data is crucial for energy-efficient route planning to optimize the route to avoid steep inclines that require more energy to climb and capitalize on downhill sections that save energy.

Maxar’s globally available terrain data helps improve vehicle fuel consumption modeling to save costs and decrease travel times. Maxar’s elevation models can also be used to identify gradual slopes, which are less demanding on vehicles.


HD Imagery

The fidelity of Maxar’s 15 cm HD imagery lets you build more accurate maps and gain greater clarity.

Vivid™ basemaps

With unmatched global accuracy, stunning visual clarity, annual refresh and flexible access options, Vivid imagery basemaps provide a reliable foundation for mapping applications—locally or around the globe.


Map, measure and analyze your projects in 3D for a more complete picture of the situations that matter to your organization.


On-demand access to the world’s most recent, high-accuracy, high-resolution satellite imagery and geospatially derived analytics.

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Experience the clarity and accuracy of the industry’s highest quality foundational mapping data.