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Complex new technologies require precise solutions

As 5G, fixed wireless access (FWA) and other wireless networking technologies advance, network planners are faced with increasing challenges posed by new trends, such as high-frequency spectrum usage and proliferation of small cells across suburban morphologies. The level of model fidelity needed to optimize these networks to improve coverage, bandwidth and latency has drastically increased—as has the sensitivity of these models to urban change. This level of detail was not required for previous technologies.

Successful planning and deployment for 5G will rely on network models that are based on detailed input geodata covering vast market territories, consisting of accurate buildings and vegetation, over urban and suburban morphologies—in full 3D. Access to cost-effective, current, accurate and highly detailed geodata for use in your planning software is critical to help you achieve optimal use of network infrastructure investment and accelerate your network rollouts.

Quality, scale and speed your network demands

Maxar owns and operates the most sophisticated commercial imaging satellite constellation in orbit, collecting and quickly delivering premium-quality imagery and derived 3D geodata. The Precision3D Telco Suite is automatically built from our high-resolution satellite imagery, using advanced algorithms and AI techniques with consistent quality and accuracy at regional, national or global scale.

Next-generation 3D geodata for modern networks

The Precision3D Telco Suite is a scalable solution providing the highest-quality 3D geodata optimized for improving or planning modern networks. It contains all the data layers you need to perform detailed analysis for the most demanding environments.

3D Geodata for the most demanding applications

  • RAN design and optimization

    The Telco RF Bundle offers the most comprehensive dataset, providing reliable and consistent 3D vector accuracy on both horizontal position and height anywhere on Earth, including detailed representations of vegetation and even 4D bridges.

  • Microwave link planning

    The Telco Link Bundle offers the most accurate and cost-effective clutter height solution for detailed fixed wireless access and microwave link planning, with one unique height value for each individual pixel. It supports both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint scenarios. Customers can opt for high-res 2.5D or full 3D, receiving the data rapidly and at large scales.

Keep up with change in the race to 5G and beyond

With our upcoming WorldView Legion fleet of satellites, Maxar will have an unprecedented feed of daily satellite imagery, giving us the ability to more closely track the real-world changes affecting your markets and to deliver updates on an accelerated schedule. Additionally, our advanced change-detection capabilities can identify where new development is happening before network failures occur, making your network optimization proactive instead of reactive.

With our change-detection capabilities, identify new construction well before the structures become occupied, allowing network operators to expand or modify their networks before customers experience connectivity issues.

Areas in red display change that occurred over the last 12 months, automatically detected.

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