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Learn how one company engineered location intelligence at a continental scale using satellite imagery, advanced machine learning and cloud computing.


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Bridging the gap between vision and application

Imagine the value of having each individual structure in your country or region identified, quantified and defined with dozens of attributes. Consider the opportunities for monitoring, growth and optimization with access to this kind of data.

Well, the concept now lives and breathes at PSMA with its introduction of Geoscape; a location intelligence product designed for commercial use — empowered by Maxar and its Geospatial Big Data platform (GBDX).

A Geospatial Big Data breakthrough

Because they had the vision and invested the resources, PSMA is the first to offer a single location intelligence dataset derived from satellite imagery at a continental scale. Customers who employ this data will deepen their understanding of the built environment, transforming their ability to derive actionable new insights for their businesses.

See 20 million buildings across Australia’s 7.6 sq km built environment — in detail.

“At PSMA we’re raising the bar on what’s available at a national scale, and we’re opening up opportunities for innovation that people have never had before.”

Martin Rose, Distribution and Marketing Services Group Director, PSMA

PSMA realized the possibilities and was able to capitalize on their idea, will you?

Case Study: Inventing Geoscape

By capturing the entire built environment of Australia, PSMA is pioneering new ways to make geospatial big data accessible to commercial customers. Geoscape offers valuable coast-to-coast datasets and 3D models that reduce the complexity for analysts to identify timely, valuable insights. Read full story:

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