Mission tested, field trusted

Maxar’s GEOINT solutions and expertise deliver critical
mission context when it matters most

When reliability takes precedence

There’s a wealth of data and tools out there to inform and assist our special operations personnel. But all the data in the world isn’t useful when speed, accuracy, and functionality are factored in. That’s why time after time, they turn to Maxar for the security that our products work.


Enhancing readiness and operator cognition

Gain the advantage by increasing situational awareness, reducing cognitive load, and accelerating decision-making. 

Maxar’s tools and technology rapidly aggregate, process, and distill data and transform it into curated information for prompt delivery to operators in austere locations.

Supporting mobile device deployment


Next-gen ISR

As one company, Maxar transforms the data, technology, tools, and deep mission knowledge across DigitalGlobe and Radiant Solutions into a tactical edge for special operations forces.

Explore capabilities already widely utilized among special operations

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Instant imagery access

Unmatched commercial satellite imagery access for U.S. Government personnel 

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Rapid search area reduction

Geospatial decision support combining predictive analytics, spatial information, human terrain, and social networking

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Terrain analysis

High-performance terrain and raster analysis system that allows users to create highly accurate terrain products in a fraction of the usual time

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Interested in what's next?

Maxar is developing next-generation mobility and connectivity solutions for a tactical advantage.

Vricon 3D Imagery

Train, plan, rehearse and engage using a consistent 3D foundation at global scale. Gain the advantage with next-gen mobility and superior context with high-resolution, accurate, and scalable 3D models.

Imagery Mosaics

Maxar's industry-leading imagery mosaics provide the best foundation for building accurate and actionable satellite imagery maps to improve situational awareness across mission planning, rehearsal, and execution.

Early detection and warning

Global missions require global ISR capabilities that support and improve collaboration across commands and partner nations. Maxar enables faster, more effective maritime analysis, border monitoring, and humanitarian assistance and disaster response around the world. 


Interested in additional Maxar geospatial analysis? Maxar’s Spotlight provides in-depth analysis on strategically important regions.


Maxar is always seeking top talent motivated to apply cutting edge technology and innovation to some of the toughest problems on Earth.

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