Beamed From Space Generated As 3D

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Maxar’s space-based satellite imagery and’s artificial intelligence are creating a digital twin of Earth and Unreal Engine 5 will bring it to life for developers. This high-performance, geotypical, video-game quality representation of the entire planet allows gamers to play the whole Earth and users to meet anywhere in the metaverse. Look behind the curtain of the new, game-changing environment.


Explore the possibilities of Earth as your sandbox for game and application development. Fill out the form to get access to the New Orleans dataset and stay informed about upcoming releases.

About Maxar

Maxar is a leading space technology and Earth intelligence company. Fueled by our constellation of satellites, we provide our customers with the most accurate representation of Earth with high-resolution satellite imagery and derived 3D models for mapping, simulation, navigation, network planning, and other complex environments.

About is generating a searchable replica of the world. For the first time ever, the entire planet is available in semantic and realistic 3D for scenarios and applications in gaming, flight simulation, urban planning, autonomous driving, architecture, and real estate.